N00b Zed calling mothership


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Hello everyone!

Proud owner and daily driver of a beautiful Zed E89 20i from 2012 for a bit over 2 years now and clocking 107.000kms. Bought it MINT with 38.000kms and love it to the end of the world and back! I have been training myself on this chassis and the N20 engine. Can handle myself fairly well on beemer's catalogs, repair manuals, and diagnostic software.

A pleasure to be among other people with no better judgment and phenomenal good taste in cars!

Going to take this opportunity to ask the hivemind where can I look for gear knobs and boots for the E89 (manual transmission)? Can't find anything except OEM and the choices are limited. Already have the Sport package so I have the fancy OEM gear knob. Would love either the F20 carbon 6-speed gear knob and alcantara boot (25112222534) style or the Aluminium 6 speed M gear knob (25110429269 ) but I can't find for the life of me a compatible shifter boot to replace the one I currently have. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Worst case scenario, I tear apart the current shifter boot and knob and ask someone to make one with the original as a template. Already thinking about buying the F20 gear knob and ask to adapt it to the E89 plastic clips if there is enough material for that.

Cheers from Portugal!