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I was hoping there might be someone out there who may be able to guide me re my undecided descion. I own a VW Golf gti 1.8 turbo, red, 5 door, 5 speed manual,2003, done 40,000km. I love e46 beamers. I have found one that a VW dealer is selling. It is a 1999 318i, 5 speed manual, 5 door,black, done 16,000 km. I have spoken to the previous owner, & he informs me the car is original condition & mileage. It was the wifs shopping basket with city mileage only. The dealer is willing to swap my golf for the beamer with me paying $500.00 trade. No warranty with the vehicle, so I would purchase a 3 year full mechanical warranty for $1,000.00. Both of these cars "retail" on the lot for approx 30grand. For one not knowing much about beamers but love them, am I being rather silly going back to a 6 year old car when I have a 2 year old car with one year warranty left on it???? My car when new was $40,000.00. The beamer when new was $70,000.00. The beamer is almost like new but 6 years young, with mine being 2 years young with more mileage. I realize this is eventually my descision, but I am trying to justify the situation with someone who has had a lot to do with e46 series bmw's. I personally feel there would be a lot of years of reliable enjyable driving left in the Beamer. Would you all out there unconfuse me & make up my procrastinating mind please, or just confuse me some more???? Thank you, for your future urgent response, before some one else buys it instead. [offtopic] IT IS OKAY FOLKS. 21 OF YOU LOOKED AT MY TOPIC & PROCRASTINATED LIKE I HAVE SO I HAVE DECIDED TO STICK WITH THE BETTER CAR =====THE GOLFGTI. THANK YOU FOR YOUR NON INPUT ANYWAY. DRIVE CAREFULLY. DOUG. [bmwdance]
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