Dashboard lights

I'm new to this forum, having just this past weekend bought a 2006 Z4 Si. I hope I am in the right place in the forum. Here is my question: high up on my Z4's instrument cluster, up where the owner's manual shows no lights at all, I have two tiny, rapidly flashing LEDs which come on from time to time. When they do come on they flicker rapidly then stop. Both are amber, and the left one is brighter than the right. Maybe they will be off for 5 minutes, then come on again. They are quite persistent and irritating. There is a voice in the background, not connected with the radio as far as I can tell, that comes on each time the light(s) do. I can't tell for sure what the quiet voice is saying, but the left hand light's voice says something about "rear" and the right hand light's voice says something about "front". I have looked for what this all means in both the owner's manual and on-line, but with no luck in finding it. So, I am wondering what the light and voice are trying to tell me. Any ideas?