Accidentally installed electrical fault


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I recently changed the rear shocks on my 2006 Z4M Roadster, and somehow I installed an electrical fault in the process. It may have been when I took the battery out to get access to the corner of the trunk/boot. Or it may have been when I unbolted (but did not disconnect) the telematics module bracket to look for a dropped screw. However I did it, I now have an airbag light that won't go off, though it worked fine before I started my work. A scan of the OBD-II with a C110+ shows that the passenger seat sensor is not assigned (regardless of whether there is weight in the seat or not).

I have attempted to clear the code, but it doesn't stay gone, which tells me something is truly failed and it wasn't just a bad read.

I have also checked fuses 13 and 45 to ensure I didn't cause a power surge reconnecting the battery and perhaps blow one.

I researched and learned that the seat mat was a common failure, but it's striikes me as too much of a coincidence to think that a 15 year old seat mat sensor chose the moment I changed the shocks to go bad.

I looked through the TIS, and best as I can determine, there is no wire from this sensor to the trunk that I could have damaged, so now I'm stuck.

Do any of the gurus on this forum have guidance?