Ups n Downs, but always a Beamer XE70, ZE85


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Hi, new to forum, my first was a '91 525 sedan back in 07, great handling car, but not that great in Winter, anyway, owning a luxury brand is nice, that said, you either a deep pocket person or a tech savy like me, through the years i owned quite few of them, and encountered many different issues too, but somehow i was able to fix them all, from electrical/mechanical/suspension even transmission issues, a great man once said IT'S ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE TILL ITS' DONE, last major i did was water pump on '04 E53 4.4i, and i did it on a street, enough said, i might be of help to anyone or may need help from someone, after all we could learn from each other, have a great day! - haispid2