Soon to be Z4 owner. Have a few questions.


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Hello all,

Im getting very close to retirement age and I recently sold my off-road toy and decided I want to buy some kind of smaller sports car without spending a fortune. I've noticed that the Z3's and Z4's are priced pretty well and I've always thought they were a pretty cool looking car.

Price wise, it looks like I'll probably be looking around the late 90s through 2010 even though the model years for the past 8-9 years look great.... but I think these years are out of my price range.

Ive owned several japanese brand cars and this will be my first BMW.

So, I have some questions:

I think I like the Z4 better than the Z3. is there any years that I should definitely avoid? Any particular features that come highly recommended?

Any well documented problems/issues with certain years?

4 cyl or 6 cyl? Which years? Why?

Automatic or manual or just go with preference?

Would like to find the hard top with the rag top so I'm able to use either. Is this possible to find?

Or, if there's any other recommendations or tips that you think would be useful.

Thanks for any advice or help that anybody could help steer me to which year and features to buy. I'm sure open to advice/recommendations/suggestions,