Cross Country Charity Rally/Drive plus Molson Indy Finish


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Canada’s first; “Cross country charity rally” which includes; exciting Hotels/Meals and Entertainment all inclusive, 100% of all profits go to charity. Tickets included in the package to the Montreal Molson Indy!! Join driver enthusiasts from all over the world, August 22nd to 28th of 2005. Canada’s Ground Zero is Whistler British Columbia which starts the engines; Your cars engines are not going to rest until they uncover 4300km in 7 days and 6 nights to end in Montreal, Quebec. More info at
I understand some of you may find this to be an advertisement, but this is a charity event and that’s why I justify posting this message on forums, any moderators feel free to delete the link and anyone who wants further information can PM me or post their Questions.

We had our second BMW 8 series sign up yesterday, 26 cars signed up, 49 spaces left.

Cheers CHRIS